Set Medics

The set medic provides for the first aid needs and emergency medical logistics of the entire cast and crew and is the safety liason between production & construction and various agencies. This person may be an EMT, paramedic, nurse or physician.

Stand-by Ambulance

An emergency vehicle and crew which stay on the location while there are scripted potential hazards or higher risk of injury.


When your location is around water, a lifeguard is responsible for the safety of those in and around the water.

Rescue Divers

Rescue Diver is a scuba diving certification level provided by several diver training agencies, such as PADI, SSI, SDI, and NAUI. The divers take responsibility to prevent and manage problems in the water. When filming underwater, the diver maintains an "eyes on" to monitor that all underwater participants are safe.

Studio Teacher
Welfare Worker

A certificated teacher who holds at least one State teaching credential from the following subject areas: English, Math, Social Science, Science or Foreign Language, and who has been certified by the Labor Commissioner to superivise minors working in the film industry.

Baby Nurses

Baby Nurses are registered R.N.'s and are required to be on set whenever babies under 6 months are hired.

Baby Wranglers

"Wrangler - A person who is responsible for the care and control of entities used on a set that can't be spoken with", which in this case is babies. This person is typically a professional with expertise in keeping the babies on a movie set happy and stress free. No professional license is required for this position.


An unarmed individual whose primary duty is to provide "observe and report" security services for that employer.

Set Police

Set Police (off-duty officers) are generally required by the local permitting & licensing agency when filming on public streets.

Food Services

When you need to feed a hungry crew you need On-Location Food Services. Here you can find location craft services, full service event catering and even some local restaurants that are Production Friendly.

Transportation Services

Couriers, Taxicabs, Drivers, Limo's and Haulers. If you need it brought to you or delivered, this is where you look.