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As an Agency, we have been placing Set Medics, Stand-By Ambulance, Studio Teacher/Welfare Workers, Baby Nurses, Watch Guards, Set Police and Lifeguards since 2009.

What we've learned from all these years of experience, is just how time consuming a job it is for Production Managers and Location Managers and other's assigned the task of locating services and crew staffing when Production goes on‑location.

This coupled that with the seemingly endless contacts we receive daily from Professionals looking for help to get connected to the highly mobile on‑location movie, film, television and commercial production companies, left us constantly working to streamline this process of connecting available services and crew staffing with the ever changing staffing makeup of on‑location movie, film, television and commercial production.

Whether UNION or Non-Union, the daily "get connected" task is the same. Ongoing and tedious... until now.

Taking our Agency experience, we developed our in-house database interface which allowed us to become one of the Top Agencies that Production Companies rely upon for helping them staff up their on‑location crews.

THE NEXT LOGICAL STEP: brought us to expanding and opening up our "secret tools", making it easier than ever for crew professionals to connect with on‑location productions.

As a potential provider, we invite you to register here at Location-Staffing.com and share your experience and availabilities with Production Managers, Location Managers and others that are looking for exactly what you have to offer. JOIN NOW! It's Free and Easy.