Sept 9, 2014

Location-Staffing Announces New Agency Agreement

Hollywood CA, September 9, 2014: today announced it's agreement with A1FILMCREW to act as their exclusive Provider Agency. This new agreement opens many doors for Film and Television Crew and Service Providers as they reach out to connect with Film & Television Production .

This new arrangement will allow the providers listed at to be represented by A1FILMCREW without the need to have a current paid subscription with  This new benefit also creates an avenue for production companies to put the provider on invoice, rather than time-card and to enlist A1FILMCREW to co-ordinate certain location personnel. This will add to the many benefits provided to Production Managers, Production Supervisors and their staff that do the support crew sourcing when Production goes on location.

"This is a positive service shift that will allow Production to utilize many service providers that were previously beyond their reach." said Steve Wagner in his announcement this morning. He also asserted that  "We will continue to seek out new ways to streamline this ongoing and quite fluid task that is often assigned to Production Assistants (PA's), which many times have little experience in sourcing location related services." allows even newbie Production Assistants to quickly and confidently reach out to  local Set Medics (often referred to as EMT's), Studio Teachers, Watch guards and other types of Set Security services. Also easy to source are water safety  personnel such as Lifeguards and Rescue Divers and they can locate Stand by Ambulance, Baby Nurses, local transportation, food services and more. It is encouraging to note that there has been a large up tick in the number of daily users of the services found at

Location-Staffing has now finished rolling out the new integration of the A1FILMCREW services with the highly successful web service.